Individual Challah  חלה אישית
Individual Challah חלה אישית

These individual size challot are perfect for one or two people. If you have one person in your family who can't eat gluten or if you're having a friend with gluten sensitivity over for a meal; this is the right size for you.

Sugar-free Challah    חלה ללא סוכר
Sugar-free Challah חלה ללא סוכר

This sugar free challah made with agave nectar is more airy and with a slight sweetness to it. החלה ללא סוכר עם אגבה היא יותר אוורירי וקצת מתוק

Round Challah  חלה עגול
Round Challah חלה עגול

Round gluten-free challah for the chagim

Family size Challah    חלה משפחתית
Family size Challah חלה משפחתית

The perfect challah for a large meal. These challot are amazing at any meal. Regardless of if you can't eat gluten, these will be a hit for the entire group.

Egg-free Challah
Egg-free Challah

Some of the best egg-free gluten-free bread you'll have. We also customize for your allergy needs. Highly recommended is the egg-free sugar-free combination

apple cinnamon challah
apple cinnamon challah

Apple cinnamon stuffed challah perfect for Rosh Hashana. Only available in family size

pomegranate challah
pomegranate challah

Pomegranata challah - perfect for Rosh Hashana and Sukkot. Available in both individual and family size